About Us

CNX Productions was founded in 2011 with the core goal of producing high quality content for audiences interested in illuminating the human experience (in the context of contemporary society), by developing a greater understanding about how media and ideas and individuals intersect dynamically.

Whether its cerebral drama, satirical comedies or bone-busting gangster films, CNX Productions aims for pure entertainment with all projects. Our broader focus as a production company is to foster spiritual and social awareness, not only through this artistic pursuit, but also, in parallel, through active engagement with the local audience.

In addition, CNX Productions can assist and develop content across the full spectrum of media broadcast and digital campaigns.

From concept & script development/ realization, producing, directing, filming on location, camera operation, offline and online editing and edit producing to sourcing other requirements like post-production editors (GFX/ After Effects) or second camera on shoots.

Our work focuses on films, music, commercials, and integrated brand content for television broadcast, digital and online platforms such as YouTube.

For more information on CNX Productions, any guidance on production advice and setup or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.